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We are Forbes 30 under 30 Recognized Entrepreneurs, Customer Contact Veterans, and a global team of Customer Experience Fanatics.

Sunny and Seema Forbes 30 Under 30

Not Just a Provider


Traditional outsourcing relies heavily on its clients to provide innovation, strategic direction, and oversight. Our team of industry experts will ensure your support strategy is aligned with your vision using a more holistic approach to support your business.


  • Consultative support and best practices including customer contact channels, procedures, customer effort, and customer experience
  • Technology selection and configuration including Knowledge Management, Contact Management, Saas and Ccaas solutions
  • Analytics design, layout optimization, and development 
  • Assistance with Forecasting, Staffing, and Scheduling 
  • Quality Assurance and Training 

US & Offshore Talent


We are a US-owned and operated consulting & outsourcing provider. Leverage the diversity of our global talent and experience to establish a framework for your contact center strategy and staff it for you

  • Leverage a global talent pool of passionate customer fanatics ready to sell, service, and support your business
  • Calltastic team members undergo a rigorous interview and onboarding process including oral and written language assessments, typing, technology and software competency.
  • All remote staff must meet stringent internet and device technical assessments to quality for off site work
  • A globally distributed staff creates powerful redundancy to mitigate the impact of an adverse event affecting a specific region

Our Customized Solutions 



  • Appointment Setting & Lead Generation
  • Inbound Sales & Customer Acquisition
  • Outbound Sales & Telemarketing
  • Voice Customer Service
  • Online Chat, Email, and Social Support
  • Bilingual, Multilingual, In Language
  • Virtual Receptionists & Assistants
  • Back Office, Data Entry, Admin
  • Overflow & Seasonal Staffing
  • Answering Services
  • Receptionist Services
  • After Hours and Overnight Support
  • Customized Call Center Solutions

Featured Industries


  • Fashion & Luxury eCommerce
  • Real Estate Financial
  • Credit Counseling
  • Subscription Services
  • Software Services
  • Cryptocurrency
  • NFT Marketplaces
  • Health Services
  • Telecom & Internet
  • Digital Entertainment
  • Solar
  • eLearning/Education
  • Service Area Businesses
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